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"a vessel unto honour, sanctified and meet for the master's use, and prepared unto every good work." 2 Timothy 2:21 KJV

Shanna's Testimony breakthroughs, healings, miracles

Raised from deathbed

"The morning of September 28, 2014, I became completely drained, no energy, no strength, flesh was weak. Repeating pleads of giving up the ghost, led to being in bondage on the edge of the bed. I had no mortal movement of body, eyes barely lifted, but the will of my spirit, and the fight of my soul was in effect. Even now, breath is still, I began praising God in prayer and supplications. I prayed and pleaded knowing if I could get to a sermon, I know the anointing of God would deliver me. The enemy had me shackled and chained, no nutrients, no water; I plead the Lord to give me strength. As Frankenstein, I began to walk with my flesh as dead, but my soul was fighting and forcing to break through. I slowly made means, nearly collapsed, but I lifted my eyes up to heaven and pleaded the Lord to please give me enough strength. I showered, became dressed in apparel, and then I walked out the front door. As I walked, smelling the fresh dew of the morning air, I began to have a lighten energy; as if nothing was wrong. In due time, I accessed the website and opened the link to the live broadcast. At the words of “When Jesus got to Galilee…” I would forever be changed, healed, delivered and set free."

Renewed from seizure

“The morning of February 6, 2015, after approximately 5:30 a.m., I got out of the bath, stumbled and fainted on the ground. My head was shaken. I could feel the organs inside rapidly shaking. My head was moving back and forward along with my upper body, my eyes were rolling; as if I had become blind. I tried to snap out of it. At the last attempt, I finally lunged forward; as if a mighty and powerful force threw me and I collapsed on the ground. I was face down on the floor; it felt like my brain was detached from my eyes. I called on the name of Jesus. I said, “Thank You Jesus” and “The devil is a liar, satan I rebuke you in the name of Jesus.” I began confessing that I am healed in the name of Jesus. After seizure, while I was on the ground, I heard as a voice say, “Then take up your bed and walk.” When I received enough strength, I picked up myself and walked.”

Restored from lame

"December 13, 2015, after prophecy, after sermon, I got up from sitting in the computer chair, and my left leg was normal however, my whole right leg and foot was still, like it was not there. There was no feeling of life to it. I literally had to try to lift up the right side, when I looked forward to walk suddenly there was an odd feeling in my right foot, my eyes vision were strangely in a blur when I looked down and still trying to walk forward, my whole right foot was lame, turned completely at a right 90 degree angle, and a very sharp excruciating pain. I almost trampled over my own right foot trying to press my way forward but my right foot was still turned out of place. I said, “ouch, ouch, ouch,” while walking forward with a limp. I blinked several times, because I could not believe my eyes; when I got out the door to the hallway leading to the fitness room. I was able to have foot from 90 degree angle back to original position with a slight right turn. I got in the bathroom, confessing and touching in agreement that “I am healed by His (Jesus) stripes.” My toes were cramped and heat swell. I continued steadfast in prayer and I was able to get around with a limp and I had to slow down my footsteps. I went to bed after 1 am the next morning after prayer. And when I woke up 3 hours later, I leaped out of the bed placed my left foot on the ground only to find out when my right foot touched the ground it was complete stone and there was an excruciating pain so sharp and deep that the point of my thumb toe could not even bear the burden of pain. I could not leap, trying to walk on it caused me to bowl over and kneel on the ground with my right foot in a straight outward position because I could in no wise crawl on it. Somehow I made my way to the hallway of the entrance of the bathroom. I was standing up on the left foot and called Hillcrest to ask regarding an x-ray. Now while I was on the line trying to explain condition there was a feeling in my right foot as if nothing was wrong. When I got off the phone I started praying, “Lord, the blind do see, the deaf do hear, the lame do walk and the lepers are cleansed.” After I started praying in the manner suddenly I was able to walk though still with pain but enough to walk on my right foot to shower and go about day. I fasted, and was in my Word still walking and sitting at work without it being known. And at afternoon while I was on lunch break when I got up, I was walking and I could no longer feel any sharp pain, no limping, and by the time I got to the house, there was no pain no limping I could walk like nothing had happen. I was able to move my ankles, my toes. I could bend my foot like a ballerina, I could walk. I was praying ministering to the Lord of the miracle He had performed on me. I was lame and now I can walk. During the process of wrapping gifts to mail off to my mother, my step-father, and Bishop T.D. Jakes, I had not even notice I was bending, kneeling like it hadn’t even happen. December 14th I still walked normal not up to speed in wisdom. I am completely whole walking."

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